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    Microsoft office is a full application suite of many applications like PowerPoint presentation, Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Outlook, and many others. Each application has own features, use and benefits. Like MS word is used to create a simple word document with using various templates. Microsoft Excel is presented as a spreadsheet where you can keep records of your business and other calculations or other information. You any one of the MS office application once and you feel that it makes your work easy and effective.

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  • How to Deal with Canon Printer Error 5400 or E26? (Thursday, April 05 18 05:38 am EDT)

    If you are using PG210 and PG211 ink cartridge in your Pixma printer then you might encounter error codes 5400 or E26. This error code occurs when you refill the cartridge, sometimes printer is not able to recognize the cartridge. The best way to deal with this problem would be cleaning ink cartridge connectors. Read this blog for some possible measures you can take to fix your concerned issues.

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    Cara Menyembuhkan Penyakit Hipertiroid Dengan Cepat & Alami

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